2 in 1 LED Tactical Flashlight with UV Black Light

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15000lums 2 in 1 UV Flashlight LED Linternas Torch 395nm Ultraviolet Urine Detector for camping Carpet Pet Urine Catch Scorpions

Can used as black light or normal white light.UV Flashlight well-made with high quality aluminum alloy, make it strong, durable and long lasting.

☛ 2 in 1 Ultraviolet Tactical Flashlight with 5 Light Modes

The flashlight includes 5 lighting modes: Full Brightness, Low Brightness, strobe, full UV and low UV modes. You can change lighting mode through half-deep the bottom button to meet your requirements.

2in1 Ultraviolet Blacklight Flashlight, special designed with UV beam light and white light beam, allows you to detect urine and stains of dogs, cats and other pets on carpets, rugs, clothes, furniture, floors and much more.

With Zoom IN/OUT Design: Adjusting field of view, easier to Spot Carpet Pet Urine Stain, Scorpions, authenticate currency, driver license, official identification cards, passports.

More conveniently, it can be changed into white flashlight, whch is helpful for indoor outdoor hunting camping hiking hunting, and BBQ.

★ Normal Flashlight white light:
【WIDELY USE】Easy to carry with you as a backup and is small enough to fit in your pocket, handbag, drawer, or car compartment. Takes 3 standard AAA or a single 18650 rechargeable. Perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, running, dog walking, power outages and general household use.

★ UV Flashlight: 395NM
【UV Flashlight Application】 UV flashlight black light is Perfect for Revealing Dry Dog and Rodent Stains and unfavourable Spots that Couldn't See With the Naked Eye. Easily Spot Scorpions, Authenticate currency,Driver license,Official Identification cards,Passports.

 IPX4 Waterproof - Ideal for emergency situations.

Skid-proof, waterproof, explosion-proof.Lotus top can protect the lens, control cutting technology, rhombus skid-proof and waterproof. Water resistant from splashing water. I t's Perfect to use in the rain, snow or emergency situations.


☛ White Flashlight: max. 5000LM

☛ Material: Aviation grade aluminum.

☛ Anti-drop 1 meters

☛ Battery Power:  1*18650/3*AAA battery.