1Pc Mini Indoor Digital LCD Temperature Sensor Humidity Meter Thermometer Hygrometer Gauge Fridge Thermometers

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Size:50*30mm/1.97*1.18 inch,
Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer Display
Accurate Weather Forecast Display
Sunny & Semi-sunny & Cloudy & Rainy
12 / 24 Hours Time Display
1.Alarm Funtion & Calendar
2.Weather Forecast
3.Indoor Temperature & Humidity (°C/°F)
4. Indoor Temperature & Humidity
1.Multi-function - Normal time mode can display time, day, temperature, humidity and weather forecast.
2.Alarm Mode -When setting, clock will quite unless any key is pressed within 7 seconds and present time and date will be displayed.
3.If snooze is turned on, bell will ring every 8 minutes. When snooze rings, press any key to stop alarm and snooze function.
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