9-piece Suitcase Organize Storage Bag Portable Cosmetic Bag Clothes Underwear Shoes Packing Set Travel Makeup Bag

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Hello . friend
There are two products in one link. One is: a 9-piece storage bag. The other is: a separate data package, please check the product picture when you select it before you buy. Thank you


large mesh bag 42*33*12cm
medium mesh bag 34*28*12cm
small mesh bag 32*22*12cm
makeup bag 26*12*8cm
bra bag 29*20*10cm
draw pocket L 34*24cm
data pocket 21*14*3cm
Shoe bag 33*24cm
pocket 26*16cm
weight: 550g


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Due to the different light, to see the bag will be slightly different, please prevail in kind.