Adjustable aluminum laptop stand, non-slip folding laptop stand (with cooling holes), ergonomic desktop computer laptop elevator

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Our notebook stand is designed to help you to maintain a better sitting posture while working with your laptop or notebook, staying healthy while improving your productivity. The whole stand ensures that the laptop maintains a particular eye level so it is very helpful for fixing your posture and reducing neck and arm pain, so our product is the good choice for you if you spend hours every day hunched over a laptop at desk.

Product name: Folding Notebook Stand
Color: Silver
Material: Aluminum alloy + silicone
Bearing capacity: about 80 kg
Size: about 240*165*55-155m
Style: Folding & Height Adjustable
Adjustable height: about 55-155mm
Height adjustments: The height of the notebook stand can be adjusted from 55mm to 155mm, allowing you to find the most comfortable posture to play with the computer and giving your spine better protection.