Antique Retro Analog Alarm Clock, Small Silent Bedside Desk Gift Clock, 4" Battery Operated

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Product Description


Are you skeptical about most advertising claims? But frankly, you’ll find nothing to dislike about this bedside, antique-designed-but-highly-functional alarm clock.

The clock is 4 inches in diameter, craftsmanship is amazing. Antique design with metal top decoration copper plated, metal frame copper traced and metal sphere base, are distinguished from these general plastic.


Whole look is captivating and attractive, will add funky retro-ish feel to your bedside, bookcase,TV table, fireplace mantle etc.

Good to know, the plastic was utilized on the back cover for easier setting and achieving functional feasibility.

This cock runs on 1 AA battery. Battery cover is easy to be taken off and battery is easy to be replaced.

Next, let appreciate the highly-functional alarm clock: