Gaming Mouse Pad Large Keyboard Mouse Mat Water-Resistant Durable Stitched Edges Mousepad for Gaming

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Large enough to accommondate both mouse and keyboard. Neatly fits on glass surface, desks tables allowing an easy solution for game play. Perfect for tablets,computers, televisions and
video game systems.
SMOOTH SURFACE. Thick cloth padding allows for optimum speed and accurate control while gaming. Experience maximum comfort while you surf the web, work in the office or
play your favorite games.
PREMIUM DESIGN. Featuring an anti slip rubber base, this pad will not slide while in use. Professional edge stitching combined with waterproof material prevents
fraying and ensures longer lifespan. No wear and tear.
COMFORT. Extremely comfortable to mouse on, eliminates uneven surfaces and helpful wrist support to prevent hand cramps. Great surface
texture. Fit full sized keyboards.