Paper Towel Holder with Shelf Storage, Wall Basket for Kitchen & Bathroom Accessories, No Drilling Adhesive Shelf

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Paper Towel Holder with Shelf Storage, no drilling, rust protection and durable!
This Shelf Storage with paper towel holder can be used as a kitchen spice rack and organizer!

Where to use:
ONLY stick on smooth hard surfaces. DON'T stick on painted walls or wallpapers as it will take off your paint or wallpapers.
How to use
1. Clean the area where the adhesive installed.
2. Peel off the protective cover on the back, install the adhesive and press firmly to squeeze air out.
3. Hang the shelf on the hook. It can be used 5 hours after installation.
How to remove:
You can use a hair dryer to heat the adhesive surface, then tear off the installed adhesive.

For Optimal Use:
Please note adhesive is not reusable.