Kitchen Cooking Utensil Holder Silicone Utensil Rest Spoon Rest Utensil Spatula Holder Heat Resistant Cooking Tool

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Our silicone spoon holder

Using food grade PP, non-toxic, bisphenol A-free, heat-resistant,

New suspension design for easy storage.

Good quality, non-stick, durable, dustproof,

Easy to clean with water,

4 slot design can accommodate more tableware

The edges are designed with lips to catch any dripping,

The raised bar design effectively separates the remaining sewage from kitchen utensils,

Anti-slip feet design, not easy to shift,

Fixed spring clip,

Maintenance tips,

Don't get too close to the fire

Keep away from chemicals

Do not pull hard or scratch it with sharp objects


Material: high quality PP

Color: white + green

Size: 13cm * 14.5cm * 5