Laptop stand, laptop stand with cooling holes, adjustable laptop aluminum stand

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Full protection

4 slide-proof silicone pads on the stand and the bottom keep the laptop from sliding. The protective hooks ensure your computer does not slide off the stand.

Adjustable angle

Conveniently adjusts the angle from 0~90¡ã & 0~60¡ã. The tilt angle can be adjusted and relieve stiffness of your back and neck, bring you more comfortable. The most suitable angle is 30¡ã, it is easy to fall if the angle is too large.

Ventilated construction

Aluminium alloy improves the heat dissipation. It also has two holes on the surface which is to cool down your laptop by providing more air flow than if it were laying flat on the table.

Save organized

Perfect for your keyboard or other items to put under the stand which make your desk more tidy. Collapsible, help to save space and outdoor use