Laptop stand suitable for desk, advanced aviation metal ergonomic vertical laptop stand

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Color: silver
Ergonomic laptop stand 2 in 1

Strong compatibility: suitable for all 10-17 inch laptops.

Vertical desktop storage saves desktop space.
It can be used as a reading stand, freeing your hands when reading magazines and music.
Tablet holder, whether watching videos during family leisure time or cooking delicious food according to videos, this holder is your close assistant.
Typing bracket makes your office life easier.

Ergonomic design to improve sitting posture

Angle less than 30 degrees: hunchback, neck pain, etc.
[High angle above 30 degrees] The high angle makes typing easy to fatigue.
30 degree angle: perfect angle, comfortable, no need to adjust.

installation method

step 1:
Take out the triangular metal frame and place it horizontally.
Step 2:
Insert three steel tubes into the slots of the metal frame of the tripod.
Step 3:
Insert another triangular metal frame.
Step 4:
Fix the screw cover with the corresponding screw hole.

Organize your desktop in one step
Rotating the stand to the vertical stand not only saves the narrow desk space, but also makes the entire space tidy and orderly.

tablet support
The vertical stand can also watch videos, video calls, cooking or just browse the web, etc.

Ergonomically perfect typing angle
¡ñFixed structure, no shaking, more solid and stable. Make your office life easier.