Lightweight aluminum laptop stand, adjustable and foldable laptop stand, suitable for laptops up to 17 inches

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? Awesome desk laptop stand
? The smart choice for working at home in 19 years!

?Do you have shoulder and neck pain after working on the desk for a long time?
This laptop stand is ergonomically designed and comfortable to work. Whether it is working in an office or working is very suitable.

?Are you worried about the laptop falling?
There are 7 rubbers on each side of the laptop stand to hold the laptop in place. What's more important is to prevent any scratches and slipping.

? Do you want to ask if this computer stand fits your computer size?
do not worry! This laptop stand fits all laptops with a size of 10-17 inches (approximately 25.4-43.2 cm).

?Are you still worried about the stability of the laptop stand?
Actual tests show that this laptop stand can hold up to 40 lbs (18 kg) and only weighs 1.0 lb (0.46 kg)!

product description
Weight: 1 lb.
Weight: 40 pounds.
Size: 10.2'' * 8.6'' * 0.3''
Color: silver, rose pink, dark gray
Material: high-strength aluminum alloy, silica gel
Compatibility: 10-inch-17-inch laptop or tablet