Pet Dog Cutter Cat and Dog Nail Clipper Cutting Machine Beauty Scissors Animal Cat Locks Pet LED Light Nail Trimmer

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Bullet Points: 1、nail clipper- the safe & easy way to trim your pet’s nails. 2、Super-bright LED light - illuminates light colored nails’ delicate bloodline, so you can trim in the right spot. 3、Magnification& Nail trapper - 5X the magnification & doubles as a nail trapper. Nail trapper helps catch nail clippings for easy cleanup. 4、Precision cutting blade– made of hardened steel, the blade cuts nails quickly & eliminates the struggle. 5、Great for cats & dogs. 6、tips:black nails can not shine the blood lines Product Description: 1: With the magnifying glass function, it can be accurately seen the subtle condition of the nail and protect the safety of the pet's finger. The magnifying glass cover can be freely moved up and down for easy use. 2: With the light function,the switch has 3 levels: 1 level - the light is on when the scissors handle is pressed down; 2 level - always bright; 3 level - often closed. 3: The blade can be replaced freely, and it does not need to be replaced frequently. It can be removed and rubbed with a sharpener to re-use it. Blade replacement method: hold the handle with half pressure, lift the yellow small handle in the middle of the handle, and the blade can slide out; put the blade in the right position, hold the handle with half pressure, and put the yellow small handle in the middle of the handle Lift up, lift the cutter head for the whole direction, and the blade can be loaded automatically. Product Information: Product size(Approx): 14X9.5X2.5 cm/5.51*3.74*0.98 in Material: nylon plastic + silicone + stainless steel Weight: Single product in bulk with battery net weight is about 80g Battery specification: 3XLR44 (battery can be replaced)