Shower Curtain - Forest Trees Printed 3d Bath Curtains Waterproof Polyester Fabric Washable Bathroom Shower Curtain

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100% polyester
1. The material of the bathroom curtain: the shower curtain is made of 100% high-quality polyester fiber, which can withstand the humid bathroom environment. With 12 plastic hooks and 12 metal grommets.
2. Waterproof and durable: The gray shower curtain with excellent cover is made of extremely durable polyester fiber, which can prevent water from splashing outside the bathroom floor and keep your home clean and fresh.
3. Size: The size of the shower curtain is 180x180cm, which is suitable for the standard size shower / tub area, without the need of lining board.
4. The hem with perfect weight, reinforced top header and rust-proof metal buttonhole. Once received, it can be easily decorated and used.
5. Machine washable and quick-drying: it is made of quick-drying materials, which is convenient to use in the next round in a short time. Easy to maintain and the shower curtain is full.