Space Heater, Portable Space Heater 1500W / 750W with Overheat Protection & Tip-Over Protection Personal Heater with Adjustable

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Size: Heater-Black
📣📣📣Why choose our Space Heater?

♨Safety protection is made of PTC ceramic heating technology with a drop switch on the bottom of the product. It will automatically close when it is out of touch or tipped over.

♨Wide-angle automatic oscillation ensures large angle heating. The heater can be rotated at an angle of 70 degrees, and our heating fan rotates to expand coverage to quickly, evenly and safely heat your interior; the advantage of a panel heater.

♨PTC Ceramic Heating Technology Our electric ceramic heaters do not overheat, while at the same time saving energy, safety and long service life. It can output wind quickly.

♨Save on overall heating costs, use a portable heater to heat your room and lower the thermostat throughout the room. This also reduces wear on the main heating system.

♨Low noise of 45 decibels will not affect your sleep, reading, and work. Portable ceramic space heaters are available for both men and women, regardless of age, and are ideal for use in offices, homes, dormitories, bedrooms, etc.

♨You can choose the hot, warm or fan-only mode, warm in winter and cool in summer. Its fan mode produces natural air circulation without adding heat and is designed with a thermostat to provide individual comfort.


☀Weight: 3Ibs

☀Voltage: 120V

☀Frequency: 50Hz

☀Output Power (W): 1500W

☀Dimensions: 5.9in X 5.9in X 9.4in

Warm Notice:

1.Do not use the heater in the immediate surroundings of a bath, a shower or a swimming pool.

2. In case of automatic overheat shut off, unplug the heater & wait about 30 minutes to cool down, then reset the heater.

3. Make sure put the heater on flat and hard surfaces.

4. In order to avoid overheat, do not cover the heater.