Sling Flexible Sponge Holder Kitchen Sink Accessory, Single-Sided, Red

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Size: Single-Sided Sponge Holder  |  Color: Red

No one wants to wash their dishes with a sponge, scrubbing brush or dish rag that has been sitting in a pool of stale water and no one wants a sink caddy that moves around. Avoid this undesirable kitchen sink circumstance with this clever sink caddy.

Introducing Sling Flexible Sink Caddy

Sling is a flexible sink caddy, that can bend to fit any sink wall or faucet. Featuring a wire frame with a flexible molded coating, specifically chosen for its non-slip and elastic properties, which means it will stay put while you do your dishes.

Sling has generous cutouts for a scrubbing brush and a perforated base, improving drainage and preventing the build-up of moisture, ensuring your sponge, dishrag, or scrubby will stay clean and dry.

Easy to clean, simply rinse it with warm soapy water to keep in clean.


Sling measures 10 ¼ x 4 ½ x ¼ inches (26 x 11 x 0.8cm) and comes in your choice of red, white or black.