Water Bottle Plastic Fruit Infusion Bottle Infuser Drink Outdoor Sports Juice lemon Portable Kettle

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1. We hope our customer can get the things they love.
A very cute lemon cup, super beautiful candy color, looks cute!
The non-stick finger frosted cup feels good when you hold it, stylish and beautiful.
The unique bottle cap design, coupled with the perfect super-sealed silica gel, can be placed at will without leaking, and can be conveniently placed in the bag and carried with you.
The humanized portable rope design is very practical and easy to carry. It is a must-have item for travel.
High-quality raw materials, beautiful appearance design, high-quality raw materials, super good hand feeling experience, bring you a relaxed and efficient lifestyle.
PC material juicer, the safest, most environmentally friendly fruit squeezer, original flavor and health coexist, happy life every day.
1. Bottle body
PP plastic imported from Japan is crystal clear and safe.
2. Bottle cap
Japan imported PP plastic, steel cover sling design, intimate and practical.
3. Silicone ring
Food-grade silicone ring, safe to drink, and more durable, no leakage, no matter how to put it, can be put in bags, pockets, absolutely safe.
4. Shape
The physical pit pressure design, the product thickness and other properties are very high, and it will not break even if it is loaded with water.
5. Unique juicing design
Juicing closed design, scientific design, can squeeze a variety of fruits.
6. Environmental protection
Long-term boiling water disinfection will not deform, no chemical reaction, absolutely safe and environmentally friendly.
100% brand new and high quality
Color: White,Black,Green,Orange,Blue,Red,Yellow
Convenient to carry
Size (L*W): 24.4cm*5.6cm*7cm     
Quantity: 1 PCS