Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones IP8 Waterproof Earbuds, in Ear Earphones with Mic, Deep Bass 3D Stereo

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Passive Noise Canceling
earbud headphones can block out most of surrounding noises. You will be out of kinds of noise and get into the fantastic world of music with the sound quality of C5S.

Easy to Control
Previous Song : Press button twice of Left earbud Next Song : Press button twice of Right earbud Play/ Pause : Press button once of one earbud Volume - : Hold the button of Left Earbud Volume+ : Hold the button of Right Earbud

Ultra-high Battery Capacity and Duration
The ultra-high capacity of the charging case able to provide extra 16 times recharge for the earbuds. The everlasting power multiple the playtime up to 80 hours, enable you to consistently enjoy the music for a whole month with 5 hours of daily use and no need for charging. It can also be used as an alternative power bank for your smart phones or other devices.