Wireless Earbuds, IPX8 Waterproof 30H Cyclic Playtime TWS Stereo Headphones with Charging Case, in-Ear Earphones Headset with mic for Sport

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How to Pair?
In the first time, take out 2 earbuds from charging case or any single earbud, and search to connect with your device. After it, when take out 2 earbuds from charging case or any single earbud from charging case, they will connect automatically.

How to Use Control Button?
Previous Song:Press button twice of Left earbud
Next Song:Press button twice of Right earbud
Play/ Pause: Press button once of one earbud
Volume +: Hold the button of Left Earbud
Volume -:Hold the button of Right Earbud
Pick up/ Hang up phone call:Press once of one earbud
Decline Incoming call: Press twice of one earbud
Turn on: Press Control Button for 3s of 2 earbuds
Turn off: Long press Control Button for 5s of 2 earbuds when device isn’t playing
Siri: Triple-click one earbud to wake Siri up & One click to turn off.

How to Reset? (When 2 earbuds can't be paired & No sound of R Earbud & Indicator light of earbuds keep showing blue light)
1.Turn off the Bluetooth function of your device. Turn off the earbuds by long press the Control Button for 5s when your device isn't playing, and you would hear ‘power off’.
2.Hold the Control Buttons of 2 earbuds for 5s meanwhile, then triple click the Control Buttons rapidly. The indicator lights will flash white for 1s, which means the earbuds have cleared the record and turn off.
3.Then take out 2 earbuds meanwhile and put them back into charging case to ensure 2 earbuds have power.
4.Take out 2 earbuds and earbuds will be paired with each other.
5.After restore, delete on BT list of your device. Then research and connect  on the BT list.

What Should Be Pay Attention to?
1.Working temperature: -10℃- 60℃ & Transmission distance: 10m
2.CAN wear them to shower, bath, swim. DON’T dip earbuds.