Wrist Rest Keyboard Mouse Pad Mat With Memory Foam Inside For Gaming Computer Office

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Color: 465 x 82 x 25mm

The armrest with keyboard can adapt to most computers and laptops, is ideal for office games and daily use. Why do we need a keyboard wrist rest?
1. It helps you keep your wrist in a natural position, greatly reduces the pressure of the wrist!
2. Ecological experience.
3. Soft and elastic memory foam can relieve work fatigue.
4. The designed wrist rest with slots adapts better to your hand!

The features of keyboard wrist rest :
1. Designed by players, ideal for use in games or office work.
2. Size: 465 * 82 * 25 mm.
3. Color: black.
4. Low friction: smooth surface for greater comfort with experience.
5. Non-slip base.